Need help finding out your size? No Problem! We are here for you. 

Things you will need

  1. Soft measuring tape. 

Don’t have a soft measuring tape laying around your house? Not to worry, you can easily use a string or cord instead. Just use the string or cord as you would a soft measuring tape and then lay the string or cord on top of your metal measuring tape or ruler to find your measurements. 

Helpful tip: make sure to find your measurements while braless or wearing a non-padded bra

Step One 

Find your Band Measurement 

  1. Measure around your rib cage directly below your bust. Round to the nearest whole number. 
  2. This is your band measurement 


Step Two

Find your Bust Measurement

  1. Measure around the widest part of your bust. Round to the nearest whole number. 
  2. This is your Bust Measurement 

Step Three 

 Find your Cup Size using your band and bust measurements 

  1. Subtract your band measurement from your bust measurement. 
  2. The difference between the two measurements will determine your cup size. See chart below to find your cup size. 

For example, if your band measurement is 32 and your bust measurement is 34, the difference is 2” resulting in a B cup size. 

esra size guide instructions

Step Four

Find your ESRA bra size 

  1. Take your band measurement and add it to your new found cup size. 
  2. This is your bra size. 

For example, 32B. 

  1. Use the ESRA Bra Size Chart below to find your corresponding ESRA Bra size. 
  2. Each style of bra has slightly different sizing, be sure to check the correct size chart for each style of bra. 

For example, a 32B would be a ESRA Size 1.

t-shirt bra size guide

everyday bra size guide